The Story!


2. I am diabetic. My doctor, who has prescribed medications so far, is not doing this. I don't have a pill.

3. Dentist sends because the drill is broken. They repaired my teeth there for several years. (Multiple submissions will not fix my teeth)

4. Police and security services regularly harass. I have to get out of the shops.

5. Within two years. A company I became unemployed three times.

6. They got into my car illegally in several ways. I was abused. (I have a video)

7. I was in prison for eight months for theft. No judgment was rendered. I didn't steal! I couldn't correspond. It was forbidden. It was completely forbidden!

What supports my statements? why did i make this page? Since I left Hungary in December 2019 From December to April:

24- times. The police have checked my identity . Soldiers have checked my identity..!(Norway, Sweden,Danmark,Germany.Netherlands.)

1- times I have been taken by the police to the police station.

1- times I have had a full body search on the Swedish border and my vehicle was taken to a workshop for inspection.

1- times: My vehicle has been broken into.

1- Bmw car came to me in the back. Crash!

1- Times: Soldiers have checked my identity..!

1- times the rear windscreen was torn out while I was asleep (they said because I stole a light off their car)

1- Times : A dog was set on me.

I have had to get used to these. After I was robbed because since then such and similar insults have happened almost on a daily basis.

Waberer's truck was taken out ID card

2018 years. I traveled into danger!

I travel to Canada. I bought the air ticket for Budapest Reykjavik Toronto. I would have flown to Canada with a transfer in Iceland.Unfortunately I already had problems in Iceland. I was not allowed to get on the plane to Canada. I bought an air ticket to London and planned the rest of the journey back home by coach. I was able to get on the London flight . We finally arrived in London at Luton airport. As renovation was going on there I did not really have the opportunity to sit down and relax. I had been away from home for a week by then, and I had not had too much sleep. I started to look for where I could go to sleep. What seemed like a good idea then was going to Heathrow Airport, as it was a bigger space and warm and maybe I could sleep a wee bit. I couldnot get a good asleep there either, maximum for 30 or 40 minutes. I started panicking and become terrified.I badly needed sleeping.I made up my mind to go and look for Flixbus. I went out to the bus stop but I took the wrong bus, and when I realised it, I quickly got off and set out on foot towards the centre of London. As I was walking I saw that more and more people started to walk up and down around me.I do not really know of what! I reached a petrol station. A police car was there, I walked up to it but as I do not speak English I told him silly things and asked him to help! I walked on, all kinds of thoughts raced through my mind, what should I do? A police car came, I stopped it. As I was panicky, they were not too helpful, so I opened the back door and jumped into the seat! I had not done anything! I had never taken any drugs and I had nothing to fear from the cops. In theory! I was taken somewhere, supposedly the police station, but I will never learn it. There was a woman with two kids in the room, and how lucky I was, she happened to be a Hungarian interpreter! There they started my interrogation but at least they did not try to pretend that anybody would be interested in my misery apart from me. I have experienced this since then several times. They asked me why I wanted to speak to them. How can I react to that? I said I do not dare to go out, I am scared, they asked me of what? I said I did not know! I started to make a scene, talked a load of crap, I asked them to take me for a blood test or anywhere else, just not to leave me alone. They said goodbye then! I did not know what to do. I came out of the police station. I was going in one direction, which direction, I was not aware of, I did not care. Cars were coming, the drivers tried to frighten me People shouting. I remember going over a bridge, the people from the bus stop were following me. I kept on for some metres, then all I remember is that my strength failed me and I freely fell flat on the ground! The next picture was that I opened my eyes and did not know where I was, which was understandable, I just kept looking and looking, it felt like being in a box. It turned out, no, not in a box, just in a hospital!

To be continued. KŲln Germany

I arrived in KŲln, nothing special happened, I still could not sleep. In Cologne I got to the railway station, there obviously I did not sleep, a group of young people came who were playing tag all night... I drank a coffee at McDonald's. A lot of sugar was put in it! This was especially good as I have diabetes! I had not slept for several days and the coffee with sugar helped me reach good well-being. My phone was not working, I was on the point of fainting! I wanted to go into the shower room but the owner did not let me in! It would probably have solved my problems only for minutes. As for my appearance, as I wallowed on the ground in London.In hospital I only washed body but could not change my clothes as they were stolen. My hair was not shaggy just because I was bald. My trousers were pants in blood! I was not bleeding any more but I passed blood in my urine and the pants were the same. Then I spoke to a man on the phone. So I was in my train station where I almost fainted! As there were no seats free I sat down on the ground. That is when the security guards came and told me to stand up! I stood up but had no strength so I often had to sit down, and the security guards came again! The point is I almost fainted and panicked, that is when I went up to the policemen. I told them that I was very scared and asked for help. I was panicking! It was like a film shooting, there were a lot of policemen, they were marching maybe it was really a film. I fainted! I often had to sit down, and the security guards came again!So I was scared, I knew that I shouldnít escape or hide, because it is safe here, so is the neighborhood. I went to the river bank, I wanted to wash myself. The water was so cold that when I put my hand in, it was hurting. I saw that under the bridge the pillar was big and whatís more protected from the wind. I went up to the bridge and there was a gap as big as allowed me to climb down to the pillar. Before I could survey the place, came a fire-fighting boat, and then the police. They helped me up the bridge, then took me to an ambulance. I wanted to leave, the policeman didnít touch me but always stood in front of me! In football terms you would call it a give and go. I wasnít in a state to protest. I was taken to a secure ward, and I wasnít let out for four days, my roommate threatened me from time to time, he wanted to take away my phone. Not that he needed it, just for the sake that I wouldnít have it. I was let out because my photo was put on Facebook and that they were looking for me. I stayed at Cologne airport for some days, I bought a sleeping bag and slept on a bench. I didnít want to go home because it was no question that all this happened because of Hungarians (since then I have learnt because of whom). My fear was founded! I went home and because my keys had also been stolen, I couldnít get into the flat. I didnít have too much money, so I went to the hospital. I had been treated there for four years before because the doctor thought I was paranoid. I had more a panic disorder but you do not dispute with a doctor if you want to live. I went in and I was put in a secure ward. I didnít understand! The judge and lawyer said it was justified! I went to the hospital voluntarily, I was exhausted, but I knew what I was doing! It was declared after four years of treatment for paranoia that I was schizophrenic! Thirty minutes conversation with the doctor! A couple of days later I was let out and I forced the door of the flat. I thought it was the end of my tribulations, but they were only just starting! Then I started working at Wb. I worked for two years, I traveled all over Europe. I didnít go for psychological treatments and didnít take any medicines! I did my work, I didnít feel sick even though it was hard work.

Reykjavik Ė London 2018 Destination is Canada!


To be continued.